About CBD


The cannabis plant and the human body have something in common – one control system regulating all other systems and the changes in their bodies. In humans, in fact all mammals, it is called the endogenous cannabinoid system (ECS for short). In the plant, it is external and is called the exogenous cannabinoid system (EXO for short). This means that the body produces cannabinoids, or rather Endocannabinoids. ECS is to the body what an OS is to your computer - a control system regulating everything from creating life to feeling pleasure and euphoria. 


Cannabinoids are chemical neurotransmitters that regulate all other systems in the body. This includes the reproductive, immune, nervous and digestive systems. Cannabinoids are activated in the ECS. Research conducted shows that the human body contains two cannabinoids receptors, CB1 and CB2, which are found in immune cells and organs. Both are also known to be responsible for anti-inflammatory effects.


Known as the non-psychoactive substance in cannabis, CBD is known to cure everything from cell changes to brain disorders, skin diseases, metabolism and more. CBD from the cannabis plant is a very powerful anti-oxidant and is 30-50% stronger than vitamins C and E. Essential for good health, CBD maintains homeostasis, keeping a constant internal Ph balance in the body. The body’s own endocannabinoids are not stored. Endocannabinoids are lipophilic molecules (fat-loving) and, therefore, non-water soluble. They are not stored in vesicles (small fluid-filled sacs) but are synthesized by the body itself and are “on-demand”, e.g. when a change in the body needs controlling. Although it is crucial that those who are ill need CBD, it is also important for everyone to use CBD in order to stay healthy as our bodies and lives are constantly changing.


The discovery of cannabinoid receptors, the machinery for the synthesis and activating the exogenous cannabinoids, therefore equips us with neuro-chemical tools, the ultimate catalyst for life. This also explains why cannabis, or cannabinoids, cure diseases of the brain. CBD, as one of the very few phenomenal, natural substances that exist, breaks the blood-brain barrier.  We all know that it is difficult to maintain any kind of pleasure when we fall ill. We are constantly aware of the disease and that we have something wrong, particularly through pain and tiredness. You can either feel sorry for yourself or you can accept the illness and let go of the resistance, work from within and use CBD oil to repair and clean up. Cannabis is a catalyst for this process. This is not a new cure, a diet you must follow or become fanatical about. It is 10,000-year-old knowledge that’s being brought to life again legally in most countries in the world. Most may wonder why this information was made illegal in the past 60 years, whilst the pharmaceutical industry became the second largest industry in the world and more people than ever today die of cancer and other lifestyle diseases... Others know the answer and have therefore taken their health into their own hands.

In short: happiness keeps you healthy and prevents disease and illness.

HOMEOSTASIS: keeping our body in balance naturally, not chemically.

CBD reduces the following: bacteria growth; blood sugar levels; seizure and convulsions; Inflammation; risk of artery blockage; cell growth in tumours; muscle spasms; anxiety; pain. 

CBD may offer healing for: cancer; Alzheimer’s; topical and internal pain; PTSD and mental health; depression; ADHD; nausea and vomiting; strokes; glaucoma; post-seizure symptoms